Two side: hook and loop, in textile, knit, plastic types.

Woven hook and loop

Wide range of woven hook and loop, for industrial and military, include standard sew-on, high-frequence weldable, Fire retardant.

Plastic hook

Plastic hooks can be cut into shapes, and applied to various surfaces.

Knit loop

Knit loops for a wide range of applications. automotive, medical, etc. wide knit loops could be slit into narrow tapes, cut into shapes, recommended use with plastic hook.

Pre coating products

Different coating/adhesive for your applications. press sensitive adhesive, fire retardant coating, high frequence/heat actived coating, and more.

Self gripping hook and loop

Self gripping products is convenient, cable tie for wires organizing.


making products on custom specifications. shapes, sewn and welded straps, more solutions



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